3 and 4 Marks Question

  1. Draw a diagram of different parts of brain. Damage of which part of brain causes sudden death? Show this part in diagram.
  2. Diagram:

    Damage to the Medulla oblongata of the brain causes sudden death.

  3. A, B and C are endocrine glands. If A is also called master gland, B is called emergency gland and C is called mixed gland then answer the following questions.
    1. Write the name of glands A and B.
    2. A = Pituitary gland
      B = Adrenal gland
    3. What difference is seen in the body of men containing more and less hormone produced by A?
    4. People with more hormone are very tall and people with less are short.
    5. Why is B called emergency gland?
    6. Hormones secreted by the adrenal glands ('B' gland) relax the body in an emergency. So, it is called emergency gland.
    7. If diabetes is seen in any man, which gland is not working properly?
    8. If diabetes is seen in any man, pancreas gland ('C' gland) is not working properly.
  4. Draw the diagram of neuron and label dendrite and axon. Clarify the role of neuron when one suddenly touches the hot body.
  5. Diagram:

    Sensory neurons carry stimuli from the receiving organ to the spinal cord and sends it to the motor neuron from the connector in the spinal cord. Motor neurons carry the stimulus to the effector organ.

    More info: Among these figures, you can draw one of them.
  6. How does nervous system and glandular system together perform the function of control and coordination in human beings?
  7. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerve fibres. It transmits the stimulus which is in a variety of activities in the body as well as outdoor activities, to the brain and it control as well as operates it. Similarly, the glandular system produces hormones which directly get mixed in the blood and reach different parts of the body and operates the activity of the body as well as control that type of activity.
  8. If the given figure represents the human brain label A, B and C, also list their each of the function.
  9. Name and functions of A, B and C from the figure are:
    A = Cerebrum, it helps to control mental activities involved in the memory of past events, thinking, and a sense of responsibility.
    B = Cerebellum, it controls rapid muscular activities like running, talking, etc.
    C = Medulla oblongata, it receives and integrates signals from the spinal cord and sends resulting signals to the cerebellum.
  10. How is goiter caused? Why do animals respond faster than plants?
  11. The increased activity of the thyroid gland produces swelling of the thyroid in the neck region and it is goiter.

    Animals respond faster than plants due to the presence of nerve cells. These cells function by carrying the stimuli in the form of impulse from one region to another.

  12. Draw a diagram of reflex arc and label any four parts.
  13. Diagram:
    Reflex arc