Environmental Pollution and Management

1 Marks Question

  1. Mention any two effects of water pollution.
  2. Effects of water pollution are adverse effects on human health, loss of biodiversity, and loss of crops.
  3. What is environmental pollution?
  4. The condition of degrading the environment by harmful gases and chemicals is called environmental pollution.
  5. Mention any two effects of air pollution.
  6. Effects of air pollution are acid rain, respiratory diseases, low solar energy, hinders biological development.
  7. What is water pollution?
  8. The contamination of water by the waste of industries, hospitals, and homes which adversely affects the health of humans and other organisms is called water pollution.
  9. What is air pollution?
  10. The condition of degrading natural quality of air due to the mixing of different pollutants in the atmosphere is called air pollution. It is the entrance of harmful substances into the atmosphere.
  11. Write any two examples of secondary air pollutants.
  12. Formaldehyde and acetyl nitrate are the examples of secondary air pollutants.