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Chapterwise PDF of English book of class ten. It contains 19 chapters starting from Giving, Withholding and Reporting Permission, Reporting Statements and ending with Indicating time and Motions, Interpreting Tables and Charts, and Glossary.

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  1. Giving, Withholding and Reporting Permission
  2. Reporting Statements
  3. Reporting Questions
  4. Reporting Commands
  5. Giving Advice and Warnings
  6. Expressing Conditions I
  7. Expressing Conditions II
  8. Asking for Reasons, Purposes and their Responses
  9. Expressing Unexpected Results
  10. Describing Events
  11. Expressing Preferences
  12. Talking about Personal Experience
  13. Talking about the Past (I): Narrating Past Events
  14. Talking about the Past (II): Interrupted Continuous Actions
  15. Talking about the Past (III): Comparing Past and Present
  16. Confirming and Denying
  17. Agreeing and Disagreeing
  18. Indicating Time and Motions
  19. Interpreting Tables and Charts
  20. Answers and Glossary