Artificial Vegetative Propagation in Plants

1 Marks Question

  1. What is the part of plant called that is used for root in grafting?
  2. Stock is used for root in grafting.
  3. Write the name of upper part and lower part used in grafting.
  4. Upper part = Scion
    Lower part = Stock
  5. What is layering?
  6. A method of preparing a new plant by developing roots from the branches of a parent is layering.
  7. What is scion?
  8. The plant whose shoot system (upper part) is taken for grafting is called the scion.
  9. What is grafting?
  10. The modern technique in which a part of one plant is transplanted to another plant of a closely related variety or species is grafting.
  11. What is tissue culture?
  12. Tissue culture is a modern technique of reproduction in which a cell or tissue of a plant is grown in an artificial medium to regenerate a new plant.