Chromosome and Sex Determination

1 Marks Question

  1. Write any two chromosomal disorders caused by sex chromosome.
  2. Two chromosomal disorders caused by sex chromosomes are down's syndrome, Klinefelter's syndrome.
  3. From what two substances chromosome is made up of?
  4. Chromosome is made up of DNA and histone protein.
  5. What is metacentric chromosome?
  6. The chromosome where the centromere lies in the middle making the two arms equal is called the metacentric chromosome.
  7. Write any two effects seen from Klinefelter's disorder.
  8. Two effects seen from Klinefelter's disorder are male are sterile, breast growth in the male as of female.
  9. Write the full form of DNA.
  10. The full form of DNA is Deoxyribonucleic Acid.
  11. What is the main function of sex chromosome?
  12. The main function of sex chromosome is to determines the sex of an organism.
  13. How many chromosomes are in a cell of human body and gorilla?
  14. There are 46 chromosomes in a cell of human body and 48 chromosomes in gorilla.
  15. What sex chromosomes are found in male and female?
  16. The sex chromosomes found in male are 'XY' and female are 'XX'.
  17. What is sex chromosome?
  18. The chromosome that determines the sex of an organism is called sex chromosome.
  19. What is kinetochore?
  20. The knot in the chromosome is kinetochore.