Acid, Base, and Salt

1 Marks Question

  1. Define neutral salt.
  2. The salt formed by the complete displacement of hydrogen from acids is called neutral salt.
  3. Write two examples of weak acids.
  4. Two examples of weak acids are H2CO3, CH3COOH.
  5. What is an acid?
  6. An acid is a chemical substance which is sour in taste and gives hydrogen ions when dissolved in water.
  7. What is pH paper?
  8. pH paper is a paper stained with litmus which is used to indicate the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. It is also called litmus paper.
  9. What is universal indicator?
  10. A universal indicator is a mixture of simple indicators which is used for identifying the acidic and basic nature of substances.
  11. What is salt? Write its two examples.
  12. Salts is a chemical substance which is formed by partial or complete replacement of hydrogen atom by metal or any other positive radical. For example, NaCl, CuSO4 etc.
  13. Write any two methods of preparation of salt.
  14. Methods of preparation of salt are:
    1. It can be prepared from a reaction between an acid and a metal.
    2. It can be prepared from a reaction between an acid and a base or a carbonate.
  15. What is a neutralization reaction?
  16. The reaction in which acid and base react together to form neutral salt and water is called a neutralization reaction.
    For example,
    H2SO4 + CaO ⟶ CaSO4 + H2O
  17. Write down any two properties of base.
  18. Properties of base are:
    1. Bases change the color of litmus from red to blue.
    2. They are bitter in taste and soapy in touch.
    More info: Bases lose their basicity when mixed with acids, They reacts with acid to form salt and water, They can conduct electricity.
  19. What is the pH value of the products of acid base reaction and why?
  20. The pH value of the products of the acid-base reaction is 7 because salt and water are formed.
  21. Write any two methods to test alkali.
  22. Methods to test alkali are:
    1. Red litmus when dipped into alkali solution turns into blue color.
    2. Oil or grease like substances dissolve in alkali.
  23. What is the pH value of neutral water?
  24. The pH value of neutral water is 7.