History of the Earth

1 Marks Question

  1. In which eras did owl and flowering plants evolve?
  2. Owl = Cenozoic era
    Flowering plants = Mesozoic era
  3. What is crude oil?
  4. Unprocessed mineral oil extracted directly from the mine is crude oil.
  5. What is carbonization?
  6. The process of making coal from plants due to high underground pressure and temperature is called carbonization.
  7. What is fossil?
  8. The impression of part or the whole body of animals and plants on sedimentary rocks that are buried in the earth's crust over a long period of time is called fossils.
  9. On what basis scientists have said human beings and the earth didn't come into existence at the same time.
  10. Scientists have said human beings and the earth didn't come into existence at the same time because during the time when the earth come into existence its temperature was too hot which was not favourable for human beings to survive.
  11. Name any four epoch of the Cenozoic era.
  12. Epoch of the Cenozoic era are: the Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene, and Holocene.
  13. Write any two main events that occurred in Mesozoic era.
  14. Two main events that occurred in Mesozoic era are:
    1. Hills and mountains were formed.
    2. Giant reptiles like dinosaurs evolved, flourished, and became extinct.
  15. Mention the hypothesis given by George Wofan (Planetesimal hypothesis) regarding the origin of the earth.
  16. According to this hypothesis, a comet moving around the universe crashed with the sun, the splashed matter from the sun resulted in the formation of our earth along with other planets and satellites.
  17. Which era is called era of Creepers? Why?
  18. The Mesozoic era is called the era of Creepers because this era was dominated by reptiles.
  19. Write two importance of mineral oil.
  20. Two importance of mineral oil are:
    1. It is used for running vehicles. It is also widely used for cooking.
    2. It is used to run the machines in different industries.
  21. Write any two methods for identification of fossils.
  22. Two methods for identification of fossils are:
    1. By studying the impressions left on the rocks.
    2. By studying the structure and morphology of parts or whole body of living organisms casted on the rocks.
  23. In which era the first mammal was evolved?
  24. In Cenozoic era the first mammal was evolved.
  25. Which period of which era did the following animals evolved?
  26. Reptile = Mesozoic era
    Fish = Paleozoic era
  27. What is the view regarding the origin of the earth according to Kant?
  28. The view regarding the origin of the earth according to Kant is the masses formed in the sky from small dust particles began to collide with one another due to gravitation. During this, the outer ring was separated from the central core. The outer ring began to revolve around the centre core. As the process continued, the core was converted into the sun and the outer mass into Earth along with the other seven planets.
  29. Write the name of era and period of the evolution of following organisms.
  30. Monkey = Mesozoic era
    Fish = Paleozoic era
  31. Write the Jeans and Jeffery's hypothesis (Tidal hypothesis) about the origin of the earth.
  32. According to Jeans and Jeffery's hypothesis, a large star had reached near to the sun while it was revolving. Due to the gravitational pull of the star, a tide was produced from the sun. The martial tide becomes cool and broken into fragments. Each fragmented particle formed planets, satellites and the solar system.
  33. Mention the time duration of Paleozoic era and Cenozoic era. Also write one major event of each era.
  34. The time duration of the Paleozoic era is 570 million years to 250 million years ago and the Cenozoic era is 65 million years to the present. Similarly, the major event of the Paleozoic era is the origin and development of winged insects, fish and plants and the Cenozoic era is the evolution of mammals and primitive man.
  35. In which era were Dinosaur, Fish, Frog and Human being evolved in the earth.
  36. Dinosaur = Mesozoic era
    Fish = Paleozoic era
    Frog = Paleozoic era
    Human being = Cenozoic era
  37. In which era were the dinosaurs evolved and what was the duration of that era?
  38. Dinosaurs were evolved in the Mesozoic era and the duration of that era was 250 million years to 65 million years ago.