Common Hobbies

Reading I

A. Write synonyms and antonyms for the following words from the text.

a. unrevealed (synonym): hidden
b. sharpen (synonym): hone
c. boring (antonym): exciting
d. unexcited (antonym): enthusiastic
e. healing (synonym): curative
f. frame (synonym): structure

B. Find the meanings of the following words/phrases from a dictionary and use them in sentences of your own.

a. ignite: Ignite means to catch fire or to cause something to start burning.
Sentence: He used a match to ignite the campfire.

b. in-demand: In-demand refers to something that is highly sought after or wanted by many people.
Sentence: The latest smartphone model is in-demand due to its advanced features.

c. let off: Let off means to release or discharge something, often referring to a substance or energy.
Sentence: The pressure valve is designed to let off excess steam from the boiler.

d. a notch: A notch is a small, V-shaped cut or indentation, often used as a reference point for measurement.
Sentence: She turned up the volume a notch to enjoy the music a bit louder.

e. passionate: Passionate describes having strong and intense feelings or emotions towards something.
Sentence: She is a passionate advocate for animal rights and volunteers at the shelter.

f. refurbishing: Refurbishing is the process of renovating or improving the condition of something, often giving it a fresh appearance.
Sentence: They are refurbishing the old house to turn it into a cozy bed and breakfast.

g. a blog: A blog is a website or online platform where individuals or groups share regular posts about various topics.
Sentence: She started a blog to share her travel experiences and photography.

h. hanging out: Hanging out means spending casual and relaxed time with friends or acquaintances.
Sentence: After work, they enjoy hanging out at the local coffee shop to chat and unwind.

C. Write True if the information is true, False if it is false and NG, if the information is not given in the text.

a. Outdoor hobbies are more popular than indoor hobbies. → False

b. You need more effort for reading than for other hobbies. → NG

c. Only good dancers choose dancing as their hobby. → False

d. Antiques are also used for interior decoration in a house. → True e. Paintings can be used to express your feelings. → True

f. People who choose photography as their hobbies are pro photographers. → False

g. Keeping journals helps people become successful. → True

h. Flexibility in time and place is the best part of knitting. → True

D. Answer these questions.

a. What aspects of our life influence the hobbies we choose?

The popularity of hobbies differs based on individual preferences and cultural influences.

b. What makes reading the most popular hobby?

Reading is popular because it's not only a fun activity but also a way to improve oneself. It offers a variety of genres to choose from and doesn't require special gear.

c. How can people practise dancing?

People can practice dancing by putting on music and letting their bodies move to the beat. They can also join a dance studio or take online dancing courses.

d. What things are necessary for one to go with painting?

To start painting, one needs to visit an art supply store and buy paints and brushes.

e. Write the benefits of doing photography.

Photography allows you to preserve memories and have beautiful pictures on your walls. It's a rewarding hobby that doesn't require professional gear.

f. Why has writing become a popular hobby?

Writing is popular as a hobby because it offers freedom of expression. It's a way to manage stress, relax, and boost productivity. It also enables sharing knowledge and connecting with like-minded individuals through blogs, books, or poems.

g. How can knitting be rewarding to a person?

Knitting is a rewarding common hobby. It allows a person to use their free time while improving their winter wardrobe and making gifts. It also provides an opportunity for hand exercise and coordination improvement. Knitting can be done while engaging in other activities like watching shows or hanging out with friends.

E. Do you think a person's hobby really helps him/her in professional career?

Absolutely, a person's hobbies can significantly contribute to their professional career in a variety of meaningful ways. While hobbies may seem like personal pursuits, they often bring with them a host of skills, attributes, and perspectives that can translate into the professional realm. Hobbies that involve skill development, such as coding, writing, or playing a musical instrument, can enhance a person's technical and creative abilities, providing a competitive edge in many professions.

Engaging in hobbies that offer stress relief, like painting or yoga, can promote mental well-being, leading to increased focus, productivity, and better decision-making at work. Creative hobbies, such as photography or crafting, nurture innovative thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied to professional challenges.

While not every hobby may directly correlate with a specific career path, the skills and qualities gained from hobbies can be leveraged to create a more well-rounded and effective professional. The key lies in recognizing the strengths acquired from hobbies and finding ways to integrate them strategically into one's career journey, enhancing both personal fulfillment and professional success.

Grammar I

A. Complete the following sentences with the correct passive forms of the verbs.

a. Ganga feeds the clogs.
The dogs are fed by Ganga.

b. The police catch a lot of criminals in London.
A lot of criminals are caught in London.

c. They often help us.
We are often helped.

d. They don't rent cars there.
Cars aren't rented there.

e. Do you turn the laptop on first?
Is the laptop turned on first?

f. Somebody follows me home every evening.
Every evening I am followed home.

g. We usually leave a saucer of milk for the cat.
A saucer of milk is usually left for the cat.

h. I like journalists following me on the way.
I like being followed on the way.

i. I loathe people pulling my hair.
I loathe having my hair pulled.

j. Ashmina adores teachers checking her notebooks.
Ashmina adores having her notebooks checked.

k. Deuniya does not mind anyone mocking at him.
Deuniya does not mind being mocked at him.

B. Change the following sentences into passive voice.

a The gardener waters the flowers every day.
The flowers are watered by the gardener every day.

b. People see foxes in their gardens at night.
Foxes are seen in their gardens at night by people.

c. We expect students not to talk during examination.
Students are expected not to talk during the examination.

d. Rivers of fresh water form this lake.
This lake is formed by rivers of fresh water.

e. National parks attract many domestic and foreign tourists.
Many domestic and foreign tourists are attracted by national parks.

f. They promise him higher wages.
He is promised higher wages by them.

g. Does Biraj always beat Balgopal?
Is Balgopal always beaten by Biraj?

h. Nobody knows the secret.
The secret is not known by anybody.

i. They are sure to help the helpless.
The helpless are sure to be helped by them.

j. Scientists have to discover a more effective vaccine for Covid-19.
A more effective vaccine for Covid-19 has to be discovered by scientists.

k. What do they prefer to eat?
What is preferred to be eaten by them?

l. Sources say most people in the region are still illiterate.
It is said by sources that most people in the region are still illiterate.

Writing I

People have different hobbies and interests which may lead them to their careers they adopt. Write an essay on your hobbies explaining how they might influence your career.

How My Hobbies Might Influence My Career

I have always been a curious person, and I have always enjoyed learning new things. This curiosity has led me to develop a wide range of hobbies, including reading, writing, playing guitar, and coding. I believe that these hobbies have helped me develop the skills and knowledge that I need to succeed in my career.

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I love to read about a variety of topics, including history, science, philosophy, and literature. Reading helps me to learn about different cultures and perspectives, and it also helps me to improve my writing skills. In my career, I will need to be able to communicate effectively with others, and reading helps me to develop this skill.

Writing is another one of my favorite hobbies. I enjoy writing short stories, poems, and essays. Writing helps me to express my creativity, and it also helps me to improve my critical thinking skills. In my career, I will need to be able to write clear and concise reports, and writing helps me to develop this skill.

Playing Guitar is a hobby that I have been enjoying for many years. I enjoy the challenge of learning new songs, and I also enjoy the feeling of expressing myself through music. Playing guitar helps me to relax and de-stress, and it also helps me to develop my hand-eye coordination. In my career, I will need to be able to work well under pressure, and playing guitar helps me to develop this skill.

Coding is a relatively new hobby for me, but I am enjoying it so far. I enjoy the challenge of learning new programming languages, and I also enjoy the feeling of creating something new. Coding helps me to develop my problem-solving skills, and it also helps me to learn about how computers work. In my career, I will need to be able to use computers effectively, and coding helps me to develop this skill.

I believe that my hobbies have helped me develop the skills and knowledge that I need to succeed in my career. I am a curious and creative person, and I am always looking for new ways to learn and grow. I am confident that my hobbies will continue to help me in my career, and I am excited to see what the future holds.