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Write a dialogue between two students who have distinct views on the qualities of a captain or a leader.

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helen asked a year ago·

Dibas: I think a captain or a leader should be someone who is confident and assertive. They should be able to take charge and make decisions without hesitation.
Rames: I disagree. A good captain or leader should be someone who listens to others and values their opinions. Being too confident or assertive can come off as arrogant or domineering.
Dibas: But if a captain or leader is too hesitant or indecisive, it can lead to chaos and confusion.
Rames: That's true, but I think a balance is important. A captain or leader should be confident enough to make decisions, but also open to hearing the perspectives of others and considering different options.
Dibas: I see your point. A captain or leader should be able to strike a balance between confidence and openness to others' ideas.
Rames: Exactly. It's about finding the right balance and being able to adapt to different situations.

rames answered a year ago