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Write a couple of paragraphs about your likes and dislikes.

it can be random likes and dislikes. pls help

helen asked a year ago·

I have always been a lover of music and art. I enjoy listening to a wide variety of genres, from classical to contemporary, and I am also an avid concert-goer. In my spare time, I enjoy painting and drawing, and I find that creating art is a great way to relax and express myself.

On the other hand, I am not a fan of crowds or loud noises. I find it overwhelming to be in a crowded, noisy environment for an extended period of time, and I prefer to spend my time in quieter, more peaceful surroundings. I also tend to avoid activities that involve a lot of physical exertion, as I am not particularly athletic and tend to tire easily. Overall, I enjoy activities that allow me to relax and engage my creative side, but I tend to avoid those that are too strenuous or chaotic.

dibas answered a year ago