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When you become a parent, how would you make sure that your child is not in danger? What are the possible measures that you can take in that situation?

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rames asked 10 months ago·

As a parent, there are several measures I would take to ensure that my child is not in danger:

  1. Communicate with my child: I would make sure to have open and honest communication with my child about their online activities and the potential dangers they may face.
  2. Set boundaries: I would set boundaries and rules for my child's online activities, such as not sharing personal information or arranging in-person meetings with people they have only met online.
  3. Monitor their online activities: I would consider using parental control software to monitor my child's online activities and ensure that they are not engaging in risky behavior.
  4. Educate myself: I would make sure to stay informed about the latest online trends and dangers, so I can better understand the risks my child may face.
  5. Seek help: If I am concerned about my child's online safety, I would not hesitate to seek help from professionals or trusted resources.