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Wangden has been working as an interpreter in a trekking company for five years. He prepares a report on how the company has undergone change over time. Complete the report.

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When I joined the company five years ago, there were only 20 staff members. Now, there are 50 staff members in the company. The number of clients we serve has also increased significantly since I first started working here. In the past, we would only serve a few hundred clients per year, but now we serve thousands of clients each year. The types of services we offer have also expanded over time. In the past, we only offered trekking and hiking tours, but now we also offer rafting, paragliding, and other adventure activities. We have also introduced new destinations and routes for our tours. In the past, we only operated in a few areas of the country, but now we have tours all over Nepal. We have also implemented new technologies to improve the efficiency and safety of our operations. For example, we now use GPS tracking for our tours and have introduced new safety protocols for our guides and clients. Overall, I have seen the company undergo significant changes in the five years that I have been working here.

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