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Pretend that you are Sushila. Write a letter to one of your friends describing how you were able to persuade your parents to allow you to go to university.

pls hlp with the letter

Dear Nisha,

I am very happy today and want to share my happiness with you. My parents have agreed to let me go to university, but it was not easy. Actually, they wanted me to get married. They had already chosen a suitable man for me, but I strongly opposed the idea. I told them that I wanted to pursue a career as a nurse and that I believed I could have a secure and fulfilling future in this profession.

I argued that getting married at this point in my life would not give me the same opportunities and independence as having a career would. I also pointed out that if I were able to support myself financially, I would be able to choose my own husband and have more control over my future.

My parents were initially resistant to my ideas, but I didn't give up. I reminded them that they had always encouraged me to be independent and to follow my dreams. I also promised to work hard and make them proud. In the end, they saw that I was determined and agreed to support me in my studies.

I am so grateful to them for understanding and for believing in me. I am excited to start my nursing course and to see what the future holds.

Thank you for listening to my story. I hope you are doing well and that we can catch up soon.

Best regards,

dibas answered a year ago