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Imagine you have been to the nearest city after five years. Now write at least ten changes you have noticed there.

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Last Saturday, I visited the Bhotewodar city of Lamjung after five years and noticed many changes. There were new buildings that hadn't been there before, such as office buildings, apartment complexes, and shopping malls. Some of the older buildings in the city had undergone renovations or upgrades, with new paint, windows, or facades. The city seemed more crowded than before, with more traffic on the roads and more cars, buses, and other vehicles on the move. The landscape of the city had changed as well, with new parks, green spaces, or other public areas popping up. There were also new businesses in the city that I hadn't noticed before, such as restaurants, coffee shops, or stores. The population of the city seemed to have changed as well, with new residents moving in and others moving out. The city had adopted new technologies that weren't there before, such as self-driving cars, smart traffic systems, or new forms of public transportation. The city had a different feel to it now than it did before, with new festivals, events, or cultural activities taking place. The city seemed to be more environmentally friendly now, with new recycling programs, green initiatives, or other efforts to reduce waste and pollution. The city seemed to be experiencing different economic conditions now than it was before, with new industries or businesses thriving or struggling. Overall, the city had changed quite a bit since my last visit five years ago.

dibas answered a year ago