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Imagine you are the narrator’s sister in the story A Scary Secret of Two Sisters. Write your experience in your own words.

this is based from A Scary Secret of Two Sisters of class 10 book

I had an experience that I will never forget. One autumn, my sister and I went on a holiday together to our grandparents' hometown. We were excited to be away from home and spend time with our grandparents, but when we arrived at the lodge where we were staying, we were disappointed. It was dirty and poorly furnished, and we didn't feel comfortable there. Despite our grandparents' warning not to go outside, we decided to explore the town and see if we could find a better place to stay.

As soon as our grandparents were out of sight, we left the lodge and walked down a narrow gravelled street. It was already dusk and the view of the setting sun was beautiful. However, things took a turn for the worse when a thug stepped out from the bushes and demanded our valuables. He was tall and lanky, with a black beard and dirty, curly hair. He was wearing a black face mask and spectacles, and had a terrible smell of alcohol on his breath. My sister and I were terrified, and we gave him our jewelry and handbag without saying a word. He snatched my handbag and then vanished into the bushes.

We were both in shock and couldn't stop crying. Eventually, we pulled ourselves together and ran back to the lodge. We locked ourselves in our room and didn't feel safe until our grandparents returned. The incident was a scary and terrible experience, but it also taught us a valuable lesson. We realized that we should always listen to and respect the advice of our elders, as their experience and knowledge can help guide us to make better decisions and avoid dangerous situations. From then on, we became much more obedient and followed their guidance. However, we also decided to keep the incident a secret from our grandparents and parents, as we didn't want to get into trouble. That dangerous adventure is still a secret that I only share with my sister.

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