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Compare your present life with your childhood. Make notes of the main differences and present it to the class.

I know this might get personal but any random events would be appreciated

As an adult, I have noticed many differences between my present life and my childhood. When I was a child, I was much more physically agile and energetic than I am now. I used to be able to run faster, jump higher, and perform other physical activities with more ease and enthusiasm than I can now. My mental abilities have also changed over time. As a child, I was still developing my cognitive and intellectual abilities, and I had a limited understanding of the world around me compared to what I have now. Now, I have more developed critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of complex ideas and concepts. In terms of responsibilities, I had much fewer responsibilities as a child than I do now. As a child, I did not have to worry about things like paying bills, holding down a job, or raising a family. Now, I have many different responsibilities and commitments that I need to manage on a daily basis. Emotionally, I have also changed a lot since my childhood. As a child, I was still learning how to manage my emotions and cope with the challenges of life. I may have experienced a wider range of emotions than I do now, and I may not yet have developed the coping mechanisms that I use now to deal with difficult situations. In terms of life experiences, I have also changed a lot since my childhood. As a child, I was still in the process of developing my knowledge and understanding of the world, and I had not yet had the same range of life experiences that I have now. Now, I have encountered a wide variety of people, places, and situations, and I have a deeper understanding of the world as a result.

dibas answered a year ago